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Re: remove rpmlint no-documentation warning on -devel subpackages?

>>>>> "VS" == Ville Skytt <Ville> writes:

VS> Note that rpmlint itself contains some instructions and
VS> explanations for its findings, improvements to those are welcome.
VS> In fact IMHO it would be better to direct the effort at those
VS> first, then add a Wiki page if still needed.

I don't think it's reasonable to include such a large amount of
documentation within rpmlint; it is nearly impossible to edit since
one has to go through a complete release cycle just to get additional
things in.  Plus, if I review a package and see something I haven't
seen before, it's reasonable for me to drop by the wiki and add some
info but it's kind of pointless to open up a bugzilla ticket and keep
modifying it as I get new input via IRC or the list.  Finally, do you
really want to include the daily method for getting rid of the rpath
warning directly in rpmlint?

I think it would be much more reasonable to let the Wiki page stew and
then digest the useful bits into rpmlint.  That page will of course
recommend the use of -i to extract additional information from

 - J<

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