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MLton (SML compiler) bootstrapping

I am working on a spec file for MLton, a compiler for Standard ML.

Like compilers for C, Java, and Haskell, this SML compiler requires a
binary version of itself to compile.

I've looked over the situation from last year regarding ghc:

It looks like the solution was to provide a special one-time source
package with binaries for all 3 platforms inside. Is this still the
preferred solution? I have the spec file all worked out with
"BuildRequires: mlton", but I can make this kind of bootstrap package if

Alternatively, I can provide initial binary packages that could be
injected into the repository. I built these on ppc and i386 using the
binary packages from Debian. (MLton will soon, but doesn't yet, support

For reference, I have put my current work here:

Thanks for any advice.


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