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Documentation packages in Package Naming Guidelines (and standards)


While packaging, I needed to create a separate documentation package because 
of its many documentation files. In the PackageGuidelines, we have this:

"Any relevant documentation included in the source distribution should be 
included in the package. Irrelevant documentation include build instructions, 
the omnipresent INSTALL file containing generic build instructions, for 
example, and documentation for non-Linux systems, e.g. README.MSDOS. Pay also 
attention about which subpackage you include documentation in, for example 
API documentation belongs in the -devel subpackage, not the main one. Or if 
there's a lot of documentation, consider putting it into a subpackage. In 
this case, it is recommended to use *-doc as the subpackage name, and 
Documentation as the value of the Group tag."

I think this should be placed in the Package Naming Guidelines too.

BTW, I noted that some packages in Extras have a *-docs sub-package instead of 
*-doc. Talking with Jason Tibbitts in IRC, he said that this is normal. Is 
there a standard for this or it's up to the packager/reviewer?

Thanks for your attention,


"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds

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