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Re: FE Package Status of Jun 7, 2006

Christian Iseli licr org wrote:
michael knox net nz said:
Should be ignored by the QA script:
lineak_xosdplugin, lineak_kdeplugins, lineak_xosdplugin Are in the
owners.list, however the name differs from the subject of the review
request. Sub the "_" for a "-".

At first, I had a list of BZ tickets for which the script could not determine the correct package name (file bzId_pkg.txt attached to the Extras/UsefulScripts wiki page). But I think it was a bad idea: very hard to maintain. I think the proper way to handle those is to fix the Summary line of the affected BZ tickets. Which I have done with the lineak* tickets.

Ok, I will fix up those bz reports then.

Re-Review is actually jed, which is in the owners.list

Yup.  Fixed the script so that it groks this one too.

Just saw that ;)

kimdaba has been replaced by kphotoalbum, which is in the owners.list

But there still is a kimdaba package with a full devel branch...  So
something is wrong somewhere...

Rex is looking into it I believe.

libgsf113 appears to have been removed from cvs, repos and owners.list

This one has been blacklisted now.




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