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Re: rpms/monodoc/devel monodoc.spec,1.3,1.4

On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 09:55 +0100, PFJ wrote:
> Hi,
> > I would propose to push this package back to review.
> > 
> > Adding --target=sparc86x is complete non-sense.
> The target was recommended by spot to get things to compile using
> noarch.

>  The AC_CANONICAL needs a small play with to get right. It's
> about 10 minutes work for when I get home tonight.

The AC_CANONICAL* stuff is the very core of triggering cross compilation
in autoconf scripts. Using it affects everything inside of a autoconf
generated configure script.

> Not sure if it's worth pushing back to review for that amount of work.
I don't know (You know I refuse to look into mono-packages).

> However, if it is the feeling it should be, I'll stand by that and will
> go through the vetting procedure again.
All I can say is: --target=sparc86x doesn't make any sense.

Autoconf scripts should bomb out on it. You trying to patch around
AC_CANONICAL* inside of the configure script indicates the configure
script to correctly refuses to support this crap.

A correctly working configure scripts is supposed to handle --host,
--build and --target as being setup by %configure correctly.
If it doesn't, the work around would be not to pass them to configure,
i.e. not to use %configure, but to explicitly set it up manually.


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