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Mon Oct 30 21:06:04 UTC 2006

Voici un message que l on souhaite faire passer au pres de l equipe des
US (Principalement au Steering Commitee) afin d obtenir des moyens qui
puisse nous faire grandir
Si vous souhaitez ajouter, modifier vous pouvez le faire, le but est de
faire partir une note POSITIVE sur NOS EXPERIENCES



Good Morning  Ambassadors,

we share with you two experiences during the French Install Party :

- Lille (2006 oct 21rd):

    - We are 4 Ambassadors in Lille.
    - Lot of people like the 3d effect, this is a major point to promote
    - During the day, we have a lot of discussion with the Fedora Users
and we have a positive feedback about Fedora product and communauty.
    - One installation, but lot of questions arround Fedora.
    - On the MrTom Blog, some pictures are available ([WWW]

- Paris (2006 oct 28th):

    - We are 10 Ambassadors in Paris.
    - It was the 1st real adventure for some Fedora Ambassadors.
    - We prepared some presentions :
          - Fedora Project : MrTom
          - 3D Desktop Effect : [splinux]
          - Fedora Support : trashy
          - Open Source vs Non Open Source softwares : Armelk

    - We made some installations of Fedora Core 6 on Desktops and
Notebook products.
    - We burned Burn some DVD and copied the ISO files into the end user
hard drive.
    - Firt feedbacks from the partner is very positive, we are welcome
for next version of Fedora (7).
    - Here are some pictures of the event:
          - [WWW]
          - [WWW]

The keys elements for the presentation and Fedora promotion are :
     - 3D Desktop Effects (All Fedora users and all people like it).
     - Fedora Project and Fedora Community, lot of people need a clear
picture about Fedora and RedHat, the Ambassador clarify this point.
     - The new printer installation software (More user friendly and
more easy for the configuration)
     - Ambassadors present during the day and motivate the user to test
and use Fedora.
     - Push Fedora Project every where (Install Party, Conference,
Show ...).

Next step for the Fedora French Team : 
     - Prepare the major Open Source Show in Paris.
     - 30 January to 01 February LINUX SOLUTION - CNIT - PARIS - La
Defense (http://www.solutionslinux.fr/fr/index.php - the English page is
not available for the moment).
     - In the same place we have the major Open Source actors.
     - We prepare this event in collaboration with Parinux (Active Linux
User Group).
     - I pretty sure the Fedora US and Worldwide Team support us on this

The French Amabassadors
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