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Armelk armelk at akserver.dyndns.org
Tue Oct 31 07:57:03 UTC 2006

Bonjour a tous,

Merci Thomas pour ton aide.
Pour la phrase tu n as comprise, je voulais, "Fait du bruit et pousse
Fedora partout ou vous vous trouvez (Install Party, Reunion, Prenation)"

Si vous souhaitez ajouter quelque chose n hesiter pas.



Good Morning  Ambassadors,

We are glad to whare with you all the experiences we had during the
French Install Parties that hapened this month.

- Lille (2006 oct 21st):

    - We were 4 Ambassadors in Lille.
    - Lots of people liked the 3d effect, this is a major point to promote
in Fedora.
    - During the day, we had a lot of discussion with the Fedora Users and
we had positive feedbacks about Fedora product and communauty.
    - One installation, but lot of questions arround Fedora.
    - On the MrTom's Blog, some pictures are available ([WWW]

- Paris (2006 oct 28th):

    - We were 10 Ambassadors in Paris.
    - It was the 1st real adventure for some Fedora Ambassadors.
    - We prepared some presentions :
          - Fedora Project : MrTom
          - 3D Desktop Effect : [splinux]
          - Fedora Support : trashy
          - Open Source vs Non Open Source softwares : Armelk

    - We made some installations of Fedora Core 6 on Desktops and Notebook
    - We burned Burn some DVD and copied the ISO files into the end user
hard drive.
    - Firt feedbacks from the partner is very positive, we are welcome for
next version of Fedora (7).
    - Here are some pictures of the event:
          - [WWW]
          - [WWW]

The keys elements for the presentation and Fedora promotion are :
     - 3D Desktop Effects (All Fedora users and all people like it).
     - Fedora Project and Fedora Community, lot of people need a clear
picture about Fedora and RedHat, the Ambassadors clarify this point.
     - The new printer installation software (More user friendly and
easier for the configuration)
     - Ambassadors present during the day and motivate the user to test
and use Fedora.

Next step for the Fedora French Team :
     - Prepare the major Open Source Show in Paris.
     - 30 January to 01 February LINUX SOLUTION - CNIT - PARIS - La
Defense (http://www.solutionslinux.fr/fr/index.php - the English page
is not available at the moment).
     - In the same place we have the major Open Source actors.
     - We are preparing this event in collaboration with Parinux (Active
Linux User Group).
     - I'm pretty sure the Fedora US and Worldwide Team support us on this

The French Ambassadors

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