[Fedora-haskell-list] Packaging guidelines and macros update

Jens Petersen petersen at redhat.com
Wed Nov 26 06:06:02 UTC 2008

----- "Bryan O'Sullivan" <bos at serpentine.com> wrote:
> I've got an outline of the new documentation process here:
> I also did a drive-by update of some other parts of that page, but
> it's somewhat out of date compared to the hacking that Jens and I
> have been doing lately.

Thanks Bryan.  I finally got round to editing and revising the guidelines:


and I am finally reasonably happy with them.

Perhaps we can leave them a week or two for the rest of the SIG to hopefully scrutinise them and then submit the revision to FPC for review and approval of the revision.  Now that ghc-zlib has been approved it should hopefully be easier this time.

As you probably noticed by now I have moved the .spec templates directly into the ghc package and provided a primitive shell script called cabal2spec to generate .spec files out of Cabal hackages: when there are no dependencies they should build basically without change and be compliant with the guidelines: so that makes it trivial now to create new cabal rpm packages.  Obviously in the long run we should rewrite the script in Haskell (I was being lazy and have written more shell script recently than Haskell :-(), or use cabal-rpm if it can be made compliant to the guidelines for Fedora (I sent submitted a first patch for that long along now while we were discussing the original guidelines...).

ghc-6.10.1-5.fc11 is the latest build, has the script and templates and works fine on F10 (and F9 I expect).  Once we sort out gtk2hs-docs for F10 we could update F10 to 6.10.1 I think.  We can also backport the templates and script to ghc-6.8.3 if it is worth doing.


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