Finding Indian mirrors for Fedora

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Fri Nov 2 15:05:00 UTC 2007

Saurabh Jain (सौरभ जैन) wrote:
> Hi folks
> My first post on this list. Wanted to add to one of the topics in the archives.
> IIT Madras has maintained a public mirror of Fedora for a long time.
> It's not very up-to-date, but it's got ISOs, and usually gives good
> throughput.

We have been in touch with the administrator who is been working on 
getting this into the Fedora public mirror list.

> Mirroring Fedora is very easy, and I think we need to promote the
> concept of local mirrors in colleges and organisations. I maintain one
> at home on, and using reposync, it is a
> piece of cake to schedule a daily cron job to synchronise. Gone are
> the days when one had to rsync to

True and we have been getting more mirrors as a result.

> It would be great if a large Linux mirror is hosted in India at NIXI.
> Charges are stiff, but donations can be raised.
> I know people who know people at NIXI, so I should probably take the
> initiative of going and meeting them once. 

Sure. Keep us updated on the progress.

Another interesting option
> is to host India-specific ISO torrents, though the efficacy of that is
> debatable.

I have been looking at having an Indian specific site for Fedora 
Project. We could certainly host a torrent mirror.

> Happy to see a Fedora India list. Easier to join a list than to get
> PGP signatures and join the Fedora Project wiki.

We are working on making this a click through process. Waiting on a new 
moin release upstream for that as indicated in

Welcome to Fedora India.


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