Infy, TCS lock horns with Red Hat over IT patent

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Fri Aug 22 04:41:35 UTC 2008


Forward this and raise more awareness on this issue. We can end with a 
bad patent mess in India otherwise.

"Pinaki Ghosh, the intellectual property head of Infosys, told FE, “We 
are of the opinion that software systems as well methods should be 
patented.” Companies like Infosys want software patents along the entire 
software value chain from source code to software embedded in hardware. 
However, patenting of software is being opposed strongly by Red Hat 
India, the Linux based open source software company, along with science 
forums like the All India Peoples Science Network.

Venkatesh Hariharan, who heads Red Hat India’s open source affairs, said 
the draft patent manual that seeks to introduce patents is not in 
consonance with the current legal situation. Hariharan pointed out that 
Section 3(K) of the Patent Act clearly says that a mathematical or 
business method or computer programmes per se, or algorithms, are not 


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