[fedora-india] no meetings happening consistently for months now.

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 03:52:53 UTC 2008

> A scary question here.

Why scary? Are you scared? or You think these questions will make others scared?
I believe, in a open community any question can be asked, question
does not "scare" us.

>So what have been results from the fedora india
> community?

* Fixing the Fedora availability bit.
* Organising new events and increasing fedora presence on a regional basis.
* Helping out new contributors from (but not limited to) India.
* Helping out people to learn up packaging and other things (already
mentioned by Rahul) at real time.
* Brainstorming about new ideas and how to solve existing problems.

>And how much have the IRC meetings helped. (As in, did you get
> any firm new contributor out of these IRC meetings,

Yes, we have.
But IRC meets are not intended to get new contributors.
IRC sessions (as pointed out by Rahul) are there for that.
IRC meets are for real quick updates, summarizing in very short, quick
brainstorming ideas, without all those extra overheads associated with
mailing list.

>or did other things
> help, and what helped the most?)

>> * To keep track of what each other is doing and help out when we can.
>> Getting started with a new project or cross reviewing each other's packages
>> for example
> ML seems to work better here, except when real time assistance is required.

That depends. If a new project tries to "step on the gas", ML is not
the ideal way.

>> * Help organize events
> ML is much better here.

Why so? I am curious to know.

>> Without meetings, I don't know what the exact status of projects like
>> review-o-matic. Has it been proposed as a Fedora 11 feature yet? It hasn't
>> been working out as well it used to, primarily because I, for various
>> reasons couldn't continue to lead the meetings and others haven't filled the
>> gap either (my bad, since it wasn't discussed as much as it could have
>> been).
> Why not send weekly updates on mailing lists?

As I said, if something is to be done quickly, ML is not the ideal way.
When one is working on real time, he/she devotes his/her entire time
and mind to the work at hand. And its is always better to have a
dedicated one hour than a whole lax week.

> While I don't have anything against the meeting in general, just the fact
> that I believe that mailing lists serve the purpose better.

Everyone has their choices. That's fine.



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