[fedora-india] no meetings happening consistently for months now.

Tejas Dinkar tejasdinkar at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 08:08:52 UTC 2008

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008, ankur sinha sent out 5.8K bytes to say:
> as for Programming, it cannot be learnt in a day..and it really makes no sense
> to jump into bugfixing after learning a "hello world !" Im still at 3rd sem and
> am giving a lot of time to application development for linux.. I will be trying
> bug fixing etc in the near future.. I just dont want to go into it till im
> confident.. It will take time when youre teaching yourself..

The only way you will build confidence is if you try playing around with
things you don't understand. That is the real way to learn. You might
get flamed every now and then, but who cares.

In fact, here is my first (and only) patch to RPM. About three years ago
when i didn't understand buildsystems at all (I still don't btw). I just
submitted a patch which changed all <x.h> to <x/y.h>. I got "politely"
rejected but felt like an idiot. I was in my first semester then


We learn and grow from our mistakes. Make a Mistake today TM
Tejas Dinkar

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