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Prateek Sharma wrote:

| 	There is a college tech-fest 'Apogee' coming up in March, and we, as
| Bits Linux Users Club are planning to hold several events. However,
| participation is high only when there is some incentive for the
| participants/winners, and hence we need to give away some prizes.
| Problem is, we don't have any resources.

Hmm... the age-old method of asking students and alumni by passing
around the hat does not work ? If I recall well, NITH did a good round
of that for their a.out event.

|           So, does anyone here know if companies like Red Hat etc.
| will  be willing to help us out by providing us with CDs and other
| merchandise to give away? Whom do i contact for the same? Can the
| Fedora Ambassadors help me here?

You might like to ask Venkatesh Hariharan (venky at redhat dot com) who
heads the Open Source Affairs at Red Hat. I don't know if Venky is on
this list.

Do you have any notional figures about how many Fedora media would be
required to be created ?

| Btw, we were also hoping to have a guest-lecture by someone involved
| with linux. Anyone here who can enlighten us all?

Unless someone is willing to pay on his own to reach Pilani for this, it
is highly unlikely that you will elicit interest given that you have not
posted any Call for Papers, Theme of the event etc.

| PS: The google group is pretty much stagnant because almost all of the
| communication is held on the internal forums etc.

*That* is one of the worst possible ways to handle a LUG


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