That 'FUDCon' thing

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Mon Jul 7 11:01:23 UTC 2008

Debarshi Ray wrote:
>> Intended audience: Existing contributors to the Fedora Project, potential
>> contributors to the Fedora Project, users of Fedora and any other person who
>> walks into FUDCon at
> Will we literally target anyone walking into FUDCon at If we do,
> we may have to indulge in a significant amount of bootstrapping to
> tune them into the Fedora scheme of things.

There are two items:

* Someone gives a introductory 10 min intro explaining the barcamp 
style, followed by pitches and notes on the board.

* We put up a event board in the front of the main conference room (and 
other rooms) explaining the agenda

> Or do we want to lay more stress on the pre-FUDCon build-up events?
> What about having non-IRC build-up events organized by the various
> user groups, etc.. ?
> This is important because of all the reasons why we don't want this to
> be another talkathon.

There are people who would need time and interest to be build up before 
they can start contributing. We need to accommodate them in some way. 
Whether that is by giving talks or some other means, we need to figure 
that out. Ideas, welcome.


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