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Sun Jul 20 14:33:36 UTC 2008

Hello list,

Today we had meet at #fedora-india ( at 6:30pm.

Some highlights :
- Some events round the corner in nagpur, Hydrabadh and Durgapur
(still in planning) Please consider updating for any event on
- Consider posting thoughts to this thread about fedora publications
and media related activities:
- In case you are working on anything related to Fedora -- consider
pointing in list ;-)
 e.g kushal is working on blog aggregation tool
( asked for at

In case I missed some important points , please add on.

In case you missed today -- don't miss it next time same time same place.

Meeting log:

 Roll Call then
 Rahul Sundaram
<chacha_chaudhry> Rakesh Pandit
<techbugs> SiddharthUpmanyu
<kushal> KushalDas
<mintos> Minto Joseph
<mether> ok
 mintos: Do you want to introduce yourself ;-)
 for the good news last week
<mintos> Yea I am pretty new with community activities..
<chacha_chaudhry> nice, /me waiting for good news
<munichlinux> prashanth
<mether> chacha_chaudhry:  has been sponsored and became a official
package maintainer with two new packages: sitecopy and dnrd under his
<mether> and many more on review
<kushal> chacha_chaudhry, once again , congrats :)
<techbugs> cool
<chacha_chaudhry> Thanks :)
<techbugs> congrats
<chacha_chaudhry> :-)
<mether> mintos, Minto Joseph has became a official package maintainer
too starting with padauk-fonts
<chacha_chaudhry> Congrats mintos
<mintos> thank you . :)
<mether> chacha_chaudhry: will pass on the list of packages he has
submitted that are waiting on review to fedora-india list. If anyone
is interested in reviewing packages (as you all should be), that would
be a good place to get started
<kushal> mintos, congrats
<chacha_chaudhry> I will post just after meet
<mintos> thankyou kushal
 mintos munichlinux mether
<chacha_chaudhry> mether: I haven't started fonts yet :(
<mether> sm|CPU:  posted a query about keeping track of Fedora related
publications or media activities in
 if you haven't read it, take a look and feel free to offer your suggestions
<chacha_chaudhry> news wiki is good idea in my view
<mether> There are foss events planned at Nagpur and one in Hyderabad.
is anyone planning to attend either?
<techbugs> HYD ? when is that one scheduled?
<mether> t
<chacha_chaudhry> susmit was planning to attend nagpur I am not sure though
<mether> 1-3 Aug
 Osmania university campus
<techbugs> hmmm it is possible to go.. i'll say 50.50.. let me go
thought it for a min
<mether> I had a couple of invitations from the folks organizing the
event for but it is unlikely I would be able to travel
 if someone local to the event is attending, that would be great
<techbugs> our local Fedora guy in hyd is not in town this month
<chacha_chaudhry> :-/ /me very far away
<mether> noone from
 I will go through the list and find if anyone is in those places or
nearby it and check with them
<techbugs> mether .. is there any conveyance they r providing or we
have to do our own
<mether> techbugs: which event are you asking?
<mether> I dont think so but if you are nearby and willing to travel,
we might look into funding that from the Fedora India budget
<techbugs> I can traver that weekend.. i am free
<mether> contact me or sm|CPU online and we will look
 err offline
<techbugs> ok sure..
<mether> anyone know of any other foss events before
<chacha_chaudhry> no
<mether> when you come across any, please update
<kushal> mether, a small chance of arranging "A Day with Fedora" in Durgapur
<chacha_chaudhry> no idea I mean
<kushal> mether, very small though
<mether> kushal: alright, you might want to update the events page
nevertheless to plan for it.
<kushal> mether, first I have to plan to organize the event in any case :p
<mether> of course, make this part of your plan
 mintos munichlinux mether
<kushal> mether, ok
<mether> do we have anyone new and interested in contributing here?
<kushal> here == ?
<mether> Lakshmi Pathi said he was going to package his own utilities
 might want to followup on that
 kushal: here = hanging in irc now
<kushal> oh, ok
<mether> techbugs: didnt you sign up to maintain the Fedora developers
spin or was it someone else?
<kushal> mether, Soumya is trying to go through the basics of
packaging , he will join the team I guess :)
<mether> kushal: yep. I will keep a tab on that
<techbugs> mether yap it was me... trying a few combos for Cd and DVD
<mintos> I am planning to package few more packages ..
<techbugs> mether i was hoping to pass some patches this weekend but
went down with cold
<mether> techbugs: alright, let me know when you are ready. We need to
plan it out and propose it before the feature freeze for Fedora 10
<techbugs> mether ok
<kushal> mintos, cool :)
<mether> mintos: when you propose it you might want to post a note in
Fedora india list
<mintos> mether, yea sure I will
<mether> and for everyone else too, if you are doing something related
to Fedora, announce that in the list so the rest of us are aware of it
and can help or join the effort
 that is especially true for things in new package proposals where you
need someone else to do the peer reviews but other things are good to
know too
 anything else people want to talk about or got questions to ask?
<kushal> I have some thing to say:
<mether> go ahead, the stage is yours
<kushal> I am working on blog aggregation tool, which will blog Fedora
announce list's mails
 as asked by speavak
 ^^ is the blog
 initial version of the code can be found
<mether> Max Spevack (who is the previous Fedora Project leader for
those not in the loop) asked for it at
<kushal> ok, I typed wrong name :(
<mether> which one?
<kushal> spevack :p
<mether> ah, thats ok
 Is this time convenient for everyone?
<chacha_chaudhry> yes
<kushal> yes
<mintos> yes
 seems interesting
<techbugs> yes
<mether> alright then
 if nobody else has anything else to announce or ask, We will end the
meeting here
<chacha_chaudhry> just one query I was looking at gnusound
<mether> and
<chacha_chaudhry> it has ffmpeg as one of its requirements which is
not in fedora official repo but present at livna
<mether> unless the requirement is optional, the entire package has to
go to livna or other third party repositories too
<chacha_chaudhry> requirement is optional
<mether> then you can push the main package into Fedora and put the
optional components if any to livna
<chacha_chaudhry> mether: is it required to package ffmpeg for fedora
or we can leave that
 okay yes
<mether> you cannot package ffmpeg in Fedora due to patent concerns
<chacha_chaudhry> yes that I though earlier but did not dig that deep
<mether> in general, if there is any package in livna, it is there
because of legal concerns or licensing issues
<chacha_chaudhry> mether: if there are same issues with other package
where it is not even in livna then -- is it good that I package that
requirement for livna ?
<kushal> chacha_chaudhry, yes
<chacha_chaudhry> okay
<mether> chacha_chaudhry: yes, the software should allow at the
minimum redistribute rights for livna to accept it
<chacha_chaudhry> okay
<mether> some proprietary software like adobe reader can be downloaded
individually by the user but they cannot be packaged and redistributed
 so livna is not a "anything goes" kind of repository
<chacha_chaudhry> there are many other packages in orphan list
actively maintained upstream and important -- we may also consider
looking at some whether we can pick them
<mether> right
 there are two classes of packages
 orphaned and dead
<chacha_chaudhry> yes
<mether> orphaned = maintainers lost interest and orphaned it
<chacha_chaudhry> I had a dig at this list these needs some work some
dead packages are also in wish list
<mether> dead = maintainers orphaned it and marked it as dead for good
reasons and you probably shouldnt bring them back, atleast not without
getting to know why it is marked as dead in the first place
<chacha_chaudhry> yes
<mether> these include, opyum which was marked as dead because pirut
has been replaced by packagekit which is growing that functionality
<chacha_chaudhry> okay
<mether> chacha_chaudhry: your case is similar to xine-lib in Fedora
<chacha_chaudhry> okay /me checking ...
<mether> the free and patent unencumbered portions are in Fedora
 the rest is in livna
<chacha_chaudhry> okay
 good :)
<mether> if you are a official package maintainer, the guidelines is
just the same and you dont require separate sponsorship there
<chacha_chaudhry> nice
<mether> the only bits that are different is the licensing portions
<chacha_chaudhry> mether: okay -- may you point in brief what ?
 I mean what is that difference
are not applicable to livna
 they allow proprietary or potentially patent encumbered components
<chacha_chaudhry> okay
<mether> also note that livna and other repos are getting merged into
 I am not involved in that effort but ask in their channels or mailing
lists for more details
<chacha_chaudhry> okay nice

Rakesh Pandit

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