Your advice and help is required for Fedora Promotional activity

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Wed Jul 23 05:01:14 UTC 2008


nehal dattani wrote:

> There is 3 days seminar/camp organized by Drupal in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 
> India on 8-10th August 2008.
> Please check the link:

Quick question to the list - anyone at Ahmedabad to chip in with a bit 
of help ?

> I wish to promote Fedora in this camp by running Drupal application on 
> Fedora 9 in all computers meant for presentation in the camp. I would 
> also like to distribute the Fedora 9 DVDs and Pens with Fedora Logo.
> I want to know is it legally allowed to have Fedora logo on Pens and 
> DVDs which are meant for distribution for the participants. The 
> participants count would be around 500 and I hope it would be good 
> platform to promote Fedora and Open Source as a whole. 
is an answer to a similar query from Nirmal on the Ambassadors list.

As regards the pen with the logo, I don't have any in stock ie. we never 
  did get any made locally.


ps: And yes, Drupal *is* nice

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