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Subject: [ILUG-BOM] Need Live CD Focused on "Education"
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 22:38:25 +0530
From: Aseem Rane <aseemrane at gmail.com>
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Hi All,

Around 2-3 Years back I handed over a "EduMorphix" CD to a kid.
Recently I was surprised to find her using it even till date.
I noticed that most of the applications on it are quite old compared with
the versions that my daughter plays with.
I want to give her a Live-CD with updated software since I cannot install
anything on her dad's machine.

Unfortunately EduMorphix does not exists anymore.
EduMorphix was just perfect, I dont know why they decided to dis-continue
Freeduc (http://www.ofset.org/freeduc-cd) is not updated in a long time
There is no Live CD for edubuntu.

I am looking for any distibution including at least "TuxPaint", "TuxMath"
and "gCompris".
Can someone suggest a live CD focused on Education?



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