Ambassadors Meeting APAC - IRC Log 2008-06-08

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at
Mon Jun 9 13:11:32 UTC 2008

<susmit> APAC ambassadors meeting is now on.
<susmit> Your wiki names please
<born2linux> hi everyone, sorry I'm late
<susmit> SusmitShannigrahi
<magie> MagieAntonio
<aacosta_MX> AlejandroAcosta
<jbenedict> JasonBenedict
<born2linux> EngelsAntonio
<susmit> No one else?
<jaswinder> I am new, my name is Jaswinder
<susmit> Your wiki name please?
<jaswinder> don't have yet
<susmit> ok..
<susmit> no one else from India?
<susmit> ok..lets start
<susmit> the agenda is here
<susmit> jaswinder, where you are from?
<jaswinder> Delhi, India
<susmit> Can you please list yourself as a local point of contact?
<jaswinder> curreently I do not have wiki ID
<susmit> will soon have one anyway. Please consider listing
yourself if you can.
<susmit> We don't have anyone in that region
<jaswinder> Ok but what I have to do :)
<susmit> please refer to the need to burn the DVD/CDs
provided by the requester
<susmit> you need not spend any money
<jaswinder> but currently I do not have F9
<susmit> hmm...I shall arrange that...mail me offlist. Ok?
<jaswinder> ok
<susmit> jbenedict, can you please update about singapore?
<jbenedict> Fedora in Singapore?
<susmit> yes :)
<susmit> and availability of CD/DVD
<jbenedict> Most people on is using it in Data-center beside RHEL/CentOS...
<jbenedict> Most will download via Fedora Mirror ie:- NUS
<jbenedict> Singapore had very good Broadband eof
<susmit> you mean starting freemedia program may not be required
<jbenedict> yes, only a few of my peer asked from me. But will be good
to have Fedora as Desktop, like what i had been using for yrs now
<susmit> How about Philippines?
<susmit> magie?
<magie> Fedora is roughly #2 on desktops and servers
<susmit> availability and events?
<magie> as in Singapore, most download it via Fedora mirrors
* techbugs (n=siddhart at has joined #fedora-meeting
<magie> Fedora 9 was showcased last May 2 during the 1st Geek Camp
<techbugs> hi all siddharth here... my net broke down.. :)
<susmit> hi, welcome
<jbenedict> !
<techbugs> so what did i missed
<magie> We are planning another big push this September during
Software Freedom Day
<susmit> during september, there is no event
<magie> I invited all Philippines Ambassadors to a meeting tomorrow EOF
<susmit> so you may ask for fund from Fasco
<magie> that would be a big help, thanks
<magie> will bring it up in tomorrow's meeting
<susmit> refer to
<susmit> and list yours here
<magie> got it, thanks
<susmit> jbenedict
<jbenedict> currently have no idea, but was thinking to do freemedia
in form of usb-thumb
<susmit> techbugs, sent pm what you missed.
* hanthana (n=danishka at has joined #fedora-meeting
<susmit> jbenedict, what idea are you talking about?
<techbugs> yap got it thanks
<susmit> freemedia in usb-thumb is highly possible
<jbenedict> freemedia program for Singapore. Instead of DVD/CD, i am
think of doing it in usb-thumb drive as fedora live bootable.
Currently most Singaporean going for Mac away from Vista...
* drago01_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)
<jbenedict> and linux is one of their choice as Desktop too.
<susmit> please google with "fedora 9 on usb how to"
<susmit> a lot of articles are there
<susmit> :)
<jbenedict> maybe in this way can attract them to fedora. I know how
to do flash FC into usbthumb. thanks.
<susmit> ah, nice..thanks
<susmit> anyone from countries other that India, singapore, phillipines?
<susmit> if yes, please update us.
<jbenedict> so how i can start in promoting freemedia program for
Singapore? list it in
<jbenedict> eof
<susmit> jbenedict, please contact ThomasChung in this regard. he will help you.
<jbenedict> okay eof
<susmit> techbugs, want to talk about donations?
<techbugs> yap..
<susmit> go on please
<techbugs> i was in contact with Buzzworks
... they have agreed to support FreeMedia ..
<techbugs> 10 dvds a month
<susmit> but how do we accept that?
<techbugs> for now...we ll be providing them with addresses and media
tipe and they will ship.. this is the weasist i could come up
<techbugs> type*
<techbugs> *easist
<techbugs> **
<techbugs> and then there was a cash help offer 1K from the other person
<techbugs> I think we can use that to coverup the backlog...
<susmit> Yes, me too got a few offers, but...
<susmit> let us take this to the mailing list
<techbugs> k sure
<techbugs> as you can see the FreeMedia India page
<techbugs> we are doing quiet good with local contacts
<techbugs> initiative
<techbugs> eof for now
<susmit> redhat india talked about this, but no representative from them
<susmit> anyone have anything more to say?
<techbugs> -1
<jbenedict> -1
<magie> -1
<born2linux> -1
<susmit> ok...then we close
<susmit> but only to say this on record
<susmit> In APAC there is a lack of people seriously trying to contribute.
<susmit> A lot of people join but a few continues.
<susmit> anyway
<susmit> thank you all for attending the meeting
<techbugs> we can continue our efforts and try to make some
awareness.. it is still early times.. lets hope for some good things
coming up
<Ekushey> susmit, i'm an ex fedora ambassador from bangladesh, can i
say something?
<susmit> sure
<techbugs> .. yap.. thanks for organizing....
<Ekushey> off the record, of coarse
<Ekushey> susmit, i think the inactive ambassadors should be removed
<born2linux> welcome, maybe next time there will be more attendees
<techbugs> :)
<susmit> Ekushey, there was a hot discussion on this..but no progress.
<Ekushey> if someone is not contributing, and still taking the credit
of being an "ambassador", then the active ones get discouraged
<techbugs> yes the result was inactive ambassadors are an issue but
removing them is not a solution
<Ekushey> well, i removed myself beacuse of this
<Ekushey> it's been over 2 years since then and i still don't see any difference
<born2linux> !
<susmit> born2linux
<born2linux> +1
<born2linux> if I'm not mistaken, magie has invited ph ambassadors 3
times already
<born2linux> only 2-3 come to meet
<born2linux> :(
<susmit> it is the case in India too...
<techbugs> lets continue on the mailing list then...
<susmit> sure..the meeting ends here.
<magie> +1
<Ekushey> susmit, then you can do a review on the ambassadors. if they
haven't done anything in the last 3 month or so, they get removed
<jbenedict> +1
<born2linux> +1
<Ekushey> or, there should be an approval system when someday wants to
join the ambassadors program
<susmit> Ekushey, how is that going to help? removing does not
increase productivity. does it?
<hanthana> !
<susmit> hanthana, you are so late !!! :)
<susmit> go on please
<hanthana> yes, sorry mate ! (as I'm not feeling well)
<hanthana> why do we need to remove them
<hanthana> the things is, any body can contribute at any point
<hanthana> this might be badly affecting to the Fedora brand
<hanthana> we can't force
<susmit> yes, agreed. people need not be removed. But they need to be pushed.
<hanthana> just self motivation, satisfaction
<techbugs> agree... a recognition system is better then removal of incative
<magie> +1
<jbenedict> +1
<hanthana> we should thing about how to motivate
<hanthana> not to demotivate
<born2linux> +1
<susmit> +1
<jbenedict> +1 passion
<hanthana> these ppl comes not because of money
<hanthana> jbenedict, I like it ;)
<hanthana> few days ago Angel from Bangaladesh and me had a small chat
regarding Free Media
<susmit> but there should be a system where we (or the project) may
ask for explanation
<susmit> we lack that.
<hanthana> and I just ask about having a T-shirt for FreeMedia contributors
<susmit> anybody else?
<hanthana> what do you guys think about gifit for all (something small)
<hanthana> for those who really work
<susmit> define "really work" is itself a gift :)
<susmit> anyway our time is up. See you all next time. May be next week?
<hanthana> two way A person to fedora, and fedora to person A
<hanthana> as Open Suse runs ;)
<jbenedict> maybe a small nice badge as a appreciation of success.
<born2linux> +1
<hanthana> +1
<born2linux> even a "web badge" should go a long way
<susmit> +1
<born2linux> so no need to spend
<jbenedict> +1
<techbugs> we can hit the mailing list for the pending points... as we
are overshooting the alloted time
* Bangladesh (n=russell at unaffiliated/ekushey) has joined #fedora-meeting
<hanthana> ++1
<jbenedict> ++1
<magie> +1 people love to show off web badges ;)
<techbugs> +1
<techbugs> that s cool please dragt a mail regarding this jbenedict?
<hanthana> once we reach to community (physically)
<hanthana> physical things are more attractive than web
<susmit> are we meeting next week or next to next week?
<susmit> what do you say?
<born2linux> next next week?
<hanthana> +1 for next week
<jbenedict> <techbugs> this my 1st meeting so i trust susmit will do better
<techbugs> some work for u sushmit :) ??
<susmit> sure...will do it
<jbenedict> +1 next week
<techbugs> thanks
<hanthana> OT: my wiki is DanishkaNavin if any body required
<techbugs> lets try next week.. and ask ambassadors to vote so that we
are sure whos gonna be there
<susmit> we meet next week again then.
<born2linux> ack
<magie> ok
<magie> salamat (thanks)
<susmit> thank you all.
<hanthana> magie, salam :)
<techbugs> cya guys.. and thanks sushmit for running the meeting
<techbugs> bye
<jbenedict> cheers!
<susmit> see you again.



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