APAC ambassadors meeting. Do we really need them?

Ashwin Mansinghka ashwin_man at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 05:03:21 UTC 2008

> This is very disheartening to see that most people of APAC region care
> very little about communicating.
You are very passionate about the subject. Great. Refrain from blaming 
an entire region if they are not as passionate as you
> Yesterday's meeting was attended by 5-6 people only, though it was
> announced 3 weeks ago. No one even objected about the day and timing.
Look at the brighter side there were 5 - 6 people, focus on the quality 
of the discussion, how was it. Discuss that part, please highlight the 
contribution of the 5 - 6 persons present and look at the positive part 
> So it is very obvious that either they had more important task or they
> don't feel the necessity to communicate.
Please look ahead, the world does not come to end now.
> We have more than 70 Ambassadors from India alone. And only two were present.
> Sorry to say this, but we are making *absolutely* no progress. We have
> no event, we can not fulfil free media requests, no new mirror, no new
> agenda, neither do we care for communicating about ideas.
> Do you think a community or project can progress this way?
Yes, this the most healthy sign of the progress of this type of 
community, carry on, do push around and work on it.

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