F9, FreeMedia and questions around it

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay foss.mailinglists at gmail.com
Tue May 20 06:34:00 UTC 2008

susmit shannigrahi wrote:
>> [1] ensuring that every request gets a media
> The most obvious problem is _money_.

Yes, I agree. What I am trying to achieve is arrive at an optimal 
solution and thereon allocate monies to the game.

> There are three ways
> * More contributors, each spend a little, but sums up reasonably.
> * Less contributor, each spend more money.
> * Getting sponsored.

I would request you to elaborate a bit on the 3 points above. I must 
have missed something somewhere and can't seem to add it all up.

> Sorry to say this, but actually, this comes down to 3-5 people.
> I am not counting fulfilling one or two sparse requests though.

You don't have to be sorry. It is not that most of us are unaware of the 
situation. What we can do now is come up with the process whereby we can 
fulfill most of the requests and do so without investing large sums of 

> Lets talk about the money first.

Yes. That gets attention fast :)

> * Say a release continues for 13 months. We take 100 requests each month.

This might be made simpler actually. If you anticipate that there would 
be requests for an n-1 release then it would be perhaps economical to 
get them done on a mass scale.

Per unit price of a stamped, mastered and packed media can be hammered 
down till 10 INR a piece (and that's at a stage when it is ready to ship 
to recipient)

So, 5000 units can be made ready to ship within 50,000 INR

How does that look ?

>  => Total requests are 100*13 = 1300 media.
> * Cost of media = 1300*13 = 16900 INR
> * Local speed post charge = 13 INR. Remote 25 INR
>   Say local req:remote req= 70:30
> => total = 900 *13 + 400 * 25= 21700 INR for postage.
> * Label =1300*5 = 6500 INR
> * So total cost of media for 100 req each month = 16900+21700+6500= 45100INR
> * Allow one time shipping charge and misc = 5000INR
> * So we need 50000INR for each release.

Thanks for this break up, always wanted to get the line item costs recorded.

> * So even if 100 people contribute 500INR /release (May be by draft/cheque)
> it is highly doable.
> Once money is arranged, rest is easy..May we do something like EMEA ?

Like I said. First we figure out what we want to do. Assess whether that 
is optimal and then we hit the monies.

>> i] there is only a finite number of LiveMedia that can be created
>> ii] postage and courier charges are the ones where most money is spent
>> iii] the quantity of LiveMedia done as per [1] has to be consumed before F10
>> is out
> The trend says 75% of the requests are i386 and 25% are x86_64
> So we may accept 60 DVD(45 i386/15 x86_64) abd 40 Livecd (30 i386 and 10 x86_64)

This is another interesting trivia.



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