[fedora-india] The lack of quality video drivers is destroying Fedora.

Nirmal Pathak nirmal.pathak at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 05:02:12 UTC 2008

 Hi All,

I've found interesting article written by some Fedora Fan.

Guess why? Not quality video drivers leave the machine with only some
default drivers and that is bad because some users would like to play games
or start some eye-candy things like Compiz Fusion.
This is negative effect to the community and some users of the Fedora
community leave Fedora in interest to other distros that have that drivers.

I too agree with above snip from article to certain extent. I wonder what
Fedora project is upto taking above thing in consideration.

I am strong supporter of the ideals of the open source and really love
Fedora. I notice some mismanagement and lack of cooperation between official
and unofficial Fedora projects. Probably we all would benefit more if the
official Fedora updates and the Livna updates were more synchronized. And
update of the kernel does not leave the system without video drivers or
other vital parts. In that case, more and more users will leave Fedora and
migrate to other GNU/Linux distributions even if they are "evil" or have
signed suspicious contracts with 3th party companies...

What you guys think about above snip from the Article??

Link to Article:

Have Fun!
Nirmal D Pathak.
I was born free!
No Gates and Windows can restrict my Freedom!!

Enjoy Linux!
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