[fedora-india] freed.in/2009 - Getting there together : freed.in/2009

Kishore Bhargava kishore at pobox.com
Fri Feb 13 15:25:40 UTC 2009

Sankarshan (????????) wrote:
> http://freed.in/2009/news/3.html
> [quote]
> We are delighted to announce that freed.in/2009 will be held on the
> 20th, and 21st of February, 2009.
> [/quote]
> Folks who wish to do something related to Fedora at freed.in are
> requested to start ideating. Counting out December, there isn't much time.

Any Fedora folks coming for freed.in/2009 I do know that Rahul
(Sundaram) has submitted a talk as has Rakesh (Pandit). But anyone else

Remember to register for freed.in/2009

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