[fedora-india] Sorry State of Affairs with F11 Installer

Ashwin Mansinghka ashwin_man at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 26 04:14:53 UTC 2009

Excuse for the top post.


I introduced myself to Linux with Redhat 6.0 and have used
all the release thereafter till Fedora 11.

I share the same feeling, principally one of the reasons which
prevents me to list myself as a Fedora ambassador.

with Regards,

On 25-Jul-09 10:25 AM, das wrote:
> Hello Friends
> The Fedora 11 installer is giving a hellish experience. It is failing
> on every piece of HW that I tried installing on. I don't know why it
> is happening like that. I do always have a prejudice about
> odd-numbered release, but after F7 it cleared a bit. Now, F11 is again
> reinvigorating it.
> I was searching on the Net about similar experiences, and got this
> link that really expresses my emotion:
> http://kernelreloaded.blog385.com/index.php/archives/fedora-11-fail-because-of-anaconda/
> I don't know why it is happening like that. The robust stability
> factor that was always there with anything from RedHat, is going down
> and down from F8 onwards.
> I think the rapidity rate of release is taking away so many good
> things. So many bugs go on repeating and repeating, and without
> solutions of them new releases come in line. What is this? Ubuntu has
> already demonstrated what happens when you try to popularize the MS
> way: you lose your forte: stability. Is Fedora trying to go that way?
> I don't know if I do sound a bit bitter. But that is really what I am.
> As a part of a local GNU-Linux group, the first horrible experience
> on my part came with Ubuntu, when new installations on their own
> started becoming messed up, even after all possibilities of becoming a
> supervisor was already taken away. And now comes Fedora with its new
> creativity: a self-willed anaconda partitioner. How nice was F7 and
> F8, what were the harms in keeping them longer? Two of the new users
> have already become afraid of using Linux.
> You are developer people, much much more learned than me in this line.
> Please do something.
> --
> দাশ das
> http://ddts.randomink.org/
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