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Subject: [Ambassadors] Summer of Code at Fedora -- recruit; mentor a
developer; improve success
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Fellow Ambassadors:

You are probably all familiar with the Google Summer of Code (GSoC).
Fedora has been a participant for several years, with each year
bringing more quality and quantity of student projects.

As of today's announced list, the Fedora Project is again a mentoring
organization for GSoC.  We are honored to have this distinction.
Google has scaled the program back in resources and budget in light of
the global economy; there is less to go around.  I am confident
Fedora's record in GSoC helped us to be selected again.

There are two ways I am asking for your help:

1. The timeline is short for students to propose projects.  (The
  application period opens 23 March, application deadline is 03
  April.)  We need your help finding students and ... most
  importantly ... identifying passionate students who understand the
  commitment they are making.

  The Summer of Code is a *full time job*, a minimum of 40 hours a
  week for a few months of the Summer term.

  The project is real work on real open source.

2. Do you have ideas you want to mentor a student to work on?  You do
  not have to be a coder to mentor a student.  You need to get the
  student connected to the right resources.

  For example, I am not a programmer and I mentored Dimitris Glezos
  two years ago for GSoC when he developed the first version of
  Transifex and https://translate.fedoraproject.org.  Last year
  Dimitris mentored another student to work on additions to
  Transifex.  (This year Dimitris formed a company around
  Transifex, http://indifex.com.)

  Now, I was fortunate -- Dimitris was an easy student to mentor,
  partially because he was already involved in the Fedora community.
  Perhaps your student could already be a Fedora participant or

To help with #1, point students at:


To help with #2, start with this page -- use the mentor request form:


If you have ideas, put them on this page as soon as possible:


... and join us on the Google group 'redhat-summer-mentors' to discuss
how you can participate.

Thanks - Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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