[fedora-India] Meeting Matrix [Re: Fedora Campus Ambassador Project]

Dhushyanth R r.dushyanth at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 15:37:05 UTC 2009

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>> | How about Saturday late evening? (8-9?)
> +1
> I'll be at college in the afternoon... so anytime in the evening would be
> fine.

Instead of +1s which I  have a hard time tracking, I think we should
try the bugzapper method of Meeting Matrix.....Will give a better idea
of when and at what time and how many people are free.

If nobody is to mind i have created a matrix ( This is my first Wiki
edit/creation- so don't come after me with stun guns for missing some
guidelines, though that may be helpful in some cases ;) )


     Sorry i didn't put other's names into it (selfish me).

R Dhushyanth

Disclaimer: The writer blatantly copied the contents from
Bugzapper_meeting_matrix wiki without any regard for copyright , and
without acknowledging those who put their hard work into it.

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