[fedora-india] need help regarding getting a laptop

magesh kkmageshcse at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 10:31:42 UTC 2009

Thankyou guys for the feedbacks

here is some additional info:
iam buying a laptop for my development purpose, i would be doing most web
developments and some system developments also (playing with kernel)

i look for a laptop which does not exceed my budget of 45k
and according to my knowledge hp services are the best so i chose it

>>Use the Fedora live cd and boot once and check if everything works
>>before buying the laptop.

well this is also nice idea
other than this, i thought of going for the nvidea graphics (thought it
would be also supported by fedora)
has anybody been successful in using the nvidea gforce graphics???

>>Have you considered a Lenovo ThinkPad (the T or R series) ?

i have no idea about this lenovo.... if you can provide me some information
about your experience with it. how about the services and linux
is it possible for me to get one under my budget( with 320gb hd, 3gb ram)

any other things which needs to be considered while getting a laptop???

thankyou all.

Life is "just tryin out things to see if they work"

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