[fedora-india] Association with a startup in Bangalore

Rangeen Basu sherry151 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 12:59:47 UTC 2009

> Btw. i would not use Fedora for Servers. Nobody will upgrade Servers every 13
> month - and the argument they(startup company) do not care about security, is
> maybe good for them, but it is not good for Fedora when a old Fedora Server is
> abused - for the press still a Fedora System is abused.
> The Company should use CentOS for their servers it's the same family.

Understood and will be conveyed to them.

> Here in Europe we call that Community Consulting where we enable companies to
> work with and on Fedora - and there is the Fedora EMEA e.V. as legal entity -
> non profit organisation - where you can spend donations for Fedora. We use this
> money for events, fad, fudcon, swag. We can save some RedHat Money and  we
> report all that to the Fedora Board.
I have talked to them and they have agreed to pay us some money which
I plan to use for freemedia. I don't think that will be a problem

> Company helps as a Fedora Contributor, as example - provides proper
> accomodation for Fedora Contributors for Meet up's like foss.in or provides
They are extremely small now with very limited budget, but I will stay
in touch with them and check if they can help in any way.

Also I will let them know about FOSS.in and also know if they are
interested to participate.

Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury
Fedora Ambassador
sherry151 at gmail.com

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