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well all this started a few months ago when i saw fedora 9 in many computer
labs in my college and i was pretty astonished and awed at the very sight of
it, there was this feeling that i have an another option to work at other
than windows(which is non existent anyways) which is very difficult to
putout in words and i could see a new beginning and a fresh air was all
around which only spoke of freedom..well many days passed and i was waiting
for some news to come on its own from the college front about the new gained
freedom in its machines but nothing happened a few more months passed.
This campaign was called Jagriti, as it looked as an apt name for it since,
its an awakening from the darkness which has for so long prevailed that, is
not confused by light by all the mortals who don’t have a mind of their own
And at last i thought it was time to take an initiative to start the freedom
movement afresh where it had lots its steam. So now it was the time. This
[1] is exactly what i have started along with another lug-jaipur (linux
users group jaipur) member mukul gupta, also skit-osum [3] leader of my
college, which also is an enthralling community of over 500 members which
also makes it one of the seven such communities the world over. The project
is well supported by our IT-Head of the department who is willing to do
anything for it, he is even willing to change the whole infrastructure of
few labs who have computers from the times of Adam, and would get some new
sleek machines and you can imagine the joy of installing fedora 11 on them.

That is just a notice which had to be circulated around the college to
inform all the teachers and students what is going around. According to it,
all the programming work will be done on linux and we are to assist the
concerned teachers to implement it in their respective labs. This becomes so
necessary pertaining to the wide spread use of turbo C which sensible people
all around the world have even forgotten about but for some god knows what
reason it happens to be the most popular IDE in india for c/c++. Though when
we were planning our shift to fedora a guy also suggested to use another IDE
for windows instead and i remember giving him some strange sort of looks and
he knew what was coming and he shut up, but later i also explained him a few
things and made that strange thought to go away. Everything seems to have
been falling into place and we are about to start with our labs from monday,
assisting teachers to write their c/c++ code on fedora.
The project is witnessing a mild start but the whole picture will get clear
by end of the next week and how have we performed in the coming week, and
there-after we would be too glad to involve lugj and the indian foss
community and take the initiative to a whole new level.
keeping fingers crossed :D

[1] http://bit.ly/eHM2L

[2] http://lugj.in

[3] http://studentdevelopers.ning.com/group/skitosum



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