Moin question

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Thu Apr 5 16:48:14 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-04-05 at 08:00 -0700, Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-04-05 at 10:55 -0400, seth vidal wrote:
> > I thought we got rid of the EditGroup requirement for certain sets of
> > pages.
> Really?  What sets?
> I didn't realize we had or wanted any content on fp.o/wiki that wasn't
> covered by the CLA.
I think some of the pages that are being used to request changes are
like this.  For instance:

I don't know if there are others pages like this; I do know that
CVSSyncNeeded has since been moved into a process based around Bugzilla.

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