Jigdo - A Professional Letter to Mike McGrath

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Wed Dec 12 07:23:32 UTC 2007

On Dec 12, 2007 2:47 AM, Jonathan Steffan <jonathansteffan at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 10 Dec 2007 17:55:47 -0500
> Michael DeHaan <mdehaan at redhat.com> wrote:
> > Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
> > > Mike McGrath wrote:
> > >>>  and we were going to
> > >>>> judge jigdo a success if a certain % (compared to bittorrent)
> > >>>> use jigdo.  What % would that be?
> > >>>
> > >>> Jigdo would in this case be particularly useful to those with a
> > >>> local mirror as they have 99% of the content already (90% if you
> > >>> have F9T3?). Because it is particularly useful to some, and
> > >>> completely weird and strange for others, the number of users that
> > >>> will use it if BitTorrent is an alternative wouldn't be a very
> > >>> good indicator to see if it is actually a viable distribution
> > >>> method for the whole of Fedora, neither is it the goal for these
> > >>> proposals.
> > >>
> > >> I'm talking specifically about people going to the get-fedora page
> > >> and clicking on the torrent link vs the jigdo link.  Out of every
> > >> 100 people, how many people will click on the jigdo link?
> > >>
> > Jigdo did not seem to be very popular among anyone I talked to once
> > they figured out the minimal install images were available.
> I will admit, our poll on spins.fedoraunity.org showed that more users
> want to use BitTorrent. I still think these users just had no concept
> of what Jigdo is *good* at and were left to deal with our growing pains
> setting everything up. We do apologize for that. We do, however, 110%
> support Jigdo in many cases:
> * Testing images can easily be "upgraded" to the next release, only
> downloading what has changed
> * Re-Spins: The same goes for Re-Spins, an end users (and the testers)
> can easily "update" their ISO, again, only having to download what has
> changed
> * Any Spin: Not all mirrors chose to carry the ISO images. A next-hop
> or local mirror might not be available with the ISO images for direct
> download. This very close mirror will be able to be used to "put
> together" the ISO image and with our awesome new MirrorManager the
> acquisition of this data source will be automatic.
> * Bandwidth Optimization/Utilization: We are able to utilize mirrors
> around the globe without requiring mirror admins to think twice about
> hosting Jigdo data, they already are hosting most of the data needed to
> put the image back together and have to install no additional software
> (as in the case of running a torrent seed.)
> * Official Releases: This "letter" was directed at requesting all
> updates be archived in some form; this bullet is about official
> releases. These official releases will *always* be able to be hosted
> via Jigdo with *very little* additional storage requirements because
> the Fedora and Everything trees that were composed against are exploded
> and hosted indefinitely.

Jigdo support will be a fantastic addition definitely. Bandwidth is very
costly in my country. So, using jigdo makes a lot of sense to me.
Have not yet done it just for proper knowhow.

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