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Anand Capur admin at arcnetworks.biz
Thu Jun 21 04:23:16 UTC 2007

On 6/21/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath at redhat.com> wrote:
> Anand Capur wrote:
> > Thanks! We do need a real CMS, not a Wiki. I already ditched Joomla and
> I
> > think i'll use plone. I'm sorta experienced with it and like you said
> > I can
> > use the knowledge already gained from the main site installation of
> > plone.
> > eGroupWare is how we will track the projects, articles, progress,
> > calendar,
> > etc....
> So we've come a long way in the last couple of days.  I always
> appreciate enthusiasm for something new and you certainly seem to have
> it.  Please be patient with the team though as it's very difficult for
> us to determine serious contributors from fly by night people.  And fly
> by night people really do take a bad toll on our work.
> The task list as I see it is you'd still like to see eGroupWare to track
> articles, progress and calendar stuff.  In theory this could be used in
> other areas of our infrastructure as well.  So the first task I see for
> you is to get eGroupWare packaged and in Fedora.
> Beyond that I'd like to ask you to contact Thomas Chung about Fedora
> Weekly News if you have not already done so.  It sounds like the two of
> you are targeting very similar audiences and Fedora Weekly News is
> absolutely outstanding in my opinion and more contributors will only
> make it better.  I think it would be best if the two of you worked
> together to find commonalities like branding/look, release cycle, tools,
> etc.  Then Thomas's group could continue to report on all things Fedora
> and you could add to it maybe interviews and technical documentation.
> Perhaps Thomas would like to use Plone in the future for Fedora Weekly
> News when it comes out.
> What do you think?
>     -Mike

I already am working with FWN and Thomas :). The plan is to include FWN
articles in the magazine  ;). And I'm not a "Fly by night" person, I didn't
just "show" up, i've been an ambassador for a long time (at least 1-2
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