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On 6/21/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath at redhat.com> wrote:

	Anand Capur wrote:
	> Thanks! We do need a real CMS, not a Wiki. I already ditched
Joomla and I
	> think i'll use plone. I'm sorta experienced with it and like you
	> I can
	> use the knowledge already gained from the main site installation
	> plone.
	> eGroupWare is how we will track the projects, articles, progress,
	> calendar,
	> etc....
	So we've come a long way in the last couple of days.  I always
	appreciate enthusiasm for something new and you certainly seem to
	it.  Please be patient with the team though as it's very difficult
	us to determine serious contributors from fly by night people.  And
	by night people really do take a bad toll on our work.
	The task list as I see it is you'd still like to see eGroupWare to
	articles, progress and calendar stuff.  In theory this could be used
	other areas of our infrastructure as well.  So the first task I see
	you is to get eGroupWare packaged and in Fedora.
	Beyond that I'd like to ask you to contact Thomas Chung about Fedora

	Weekly News if you have not already done so.  It sounds like the two
	you are targeting very similar audiences and Fedora Weekly News is
	absolutely outstanding in my opinion and more contributors will only
	make it better.  I think it would be best if the two of you worked
	together to find commonalities like branding/look, release cycle,
	etc.  Then Thomas's group could continue to report on all things
	and you could add to it maybe interviews and technical
	Perhaps Thomas would like to use Plone in the future for Fedora
	News when it comes out.
	What do you think?

I already am working with FWN and Thomas :). The plan is to include FWN
articles in the magazine  ;). And I'm not a "Fly by night" person, I didn't
just "show" up, i've been an ambassador for a long time (at least 1-2

Well I've had my own job to take care of but I've been keeping up with the
list.  I can't tell you how much of a pain it is to try to send a file
update to a unit over a 2.4kbs satellite channel particularly when they
can't stay at periscope depth for any period of time to download a 4mb
file... Had to break it up into a lot of very small zip files.

I do like the idea of a Fedora magazine but I'm afraid it could just fall
into the multitude of ezines out there like some projects I've seen.  It
seems like the focus right now is on a dedicated infrastructure for a
magazine that doesn't exist yet.  I for one would worry less about that and
more about the whole magazine issue itself.  I don't think it's set in yet
about how much work goes into producing a magazine.  I think the more
logical step would be to build a team and actually see if you can pull off
producing a few issues and then break off to it's own website once it's
established.  I've seen more than a few ezine projects die after an issue or
two and it seems like a huge waste in man-hours to set up everything before
that.  Start it off with FWN and then worry about the rest later.

Brandon Jasper, CTN2(SS)
NSSC Bangor N621 Afloat LAN Admin.
SIPRNET: brandon.jasper at navy.smil.mil
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