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Jeffrey Ollie jeff at
Thu Aug 7 21:15:18 UTC 2008

My comments below are all regarding gallery2 (

2008/8/7 Martin Sourada <martin.sourada at>:
> Thus I think it would be nice if it has these features:
>  - Categories/Subcategories

You could either do this by creating albums / subalbums or by using tags:

>  - Ability to store big images (ca 1-6 MB), but provide user with low
> transfer rate when previewing - i.e. creating thumbnails at the server
> side

You can define up to 4 sizes that the original image will be resized
to.  For example, my site has 640x640, 1024x1024, 1280x1280 and
original size images available, plus the thumbnails shown in the album
view.  I've uploaded some very large TIFF files (20-30MB IIRC) and it
handled it just fine.

>  - Integration with FAS

>From what I can tell this would be possible, but may need some PHP coding.

>  - Some sort of rating system

>  - Ability to download the full quality image easy (e.g. by one-click)

Gallery2 can do it in a couple clicks (view original size image, right
click on image and "save image as..."

>  - Probably ability to keep sources together with the resultant image in
> one place (in case it's e.g. a vector graphics or a collage)

That wouldn't be something that was "built in".

>  - Maybe some tag system to let users know what's in repos and what's
> not

>  - Easy upload (can be either through CLI or Web Interface)

IIRC f-spot has the built-in ability to upload images to a gallery2
site as well.

>  - Would be nice if the full quality images/sources had some nice URLs
> so that we could easily fetch them either by build script or list them
> as sources in RPM.


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