Meeting Log - 2008-01-10

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Thu Jan 10 20:43:48 UTC 2008

15:02 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Who's here?
15:02  * mmcgrath suspects not too many
15:02 < jcollie> yo
15:02 < mmcgrath> jcollie: word
15:02 < abadger1999> yep
15:03  * jcollie is gettin' jiggy wit de fedorah
15:03 -!- notting [n=notting at redhat/notting] has joined #fedora-meeting
15:03  * loupgaroublond pokes his head in
15:03 < mmcgrath> Really nothing interesting has happend this week from last week.
15:04 < mmcgrath> So really I'll just make this simple.
15:04 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Open Floor
15:04  * jima waves
15:04 < jcollie> i think after sunday there's gonna be a huge todo list
15:04  * paulobanon_ is here
15:04 < mmcgrath> paulobanon_: word.
15:04 < loupgaroublond> j/w, when's the next fesco meeting for deciding features?
15:04 -!- yingbull [n=yingbull at] has joined #fedora-meeting
15:05 < mmcgrath> loupgaroublond: not sure actually, you'll have to check the meetings page.
15:05 < jcollie> is the new storage installed?
15:05 < mmcgrath> jcollie: nope.
15:05  * lmacken is here
15:05 < mmcgrath> AFAIK its at the data center though.
15:05 < loupgaroublond> mmcgrath: that would be a good idea.... /me searches
15:05 < mmcgrath> jcollie: I'm going to send a follow-up email right now.
15:05 < paulobanon_> mmcgrath: which specs is the new storage ?
15:06 < mmcgrath> Its been so long since I ordered it, I want to say 10T.
15:06 < mmcgrath> Its attached.
15:06  * iWolf is here
15:06 < notting> 10T? woo!
15:07 < paulobanon_> nice!!
15:07 < mmcgrath> It was in that ballpark.  That should, in theory, last us a year or two if we don't support secondary archs.
15:07 < mmcgrath> Which I'd like to do but right now we just can't.
15:07 -!- MrBawb [i=abob at] has joined #fedora-meeting
15:07 < mmcgrath> Another announcement I'd like to make is that yingbull has joined the sysadmin-web team so keep your eye out for him.
15:07 < mmcgrath> MrBawb: whats up?
15:07 -!- jmtaylor [n=jason at] has joined #fedora-meeting
15:08 < MrBawb> hello
15:08 < MrBawb> so the moinmoin people gave me a list of things they want done
15:08 < yingbull> mmcgrath: Thanks for the welcome, I'll avoid breaking anything. :-)
15:08 < MrBawb> so now I need to find time to address their concerns
15:08 < mmcgrath> MrBawb: what sorts of things?
15:08 < paulobanon_> MrBawb: anything big or just small changes ?
15:09 < MrBawb> a bunch of little things
15:09 < MrBawb> like using """ instead of '''
15:09 < lmacken> wtf
15:09 < MrBawb> but they do have larger concerns
15:09 < MrBawb> like it needs to be against their 1.7 version
15:09 < mmcgrath> MrBawb: ugh, I wonder if they're familiar with sed.
15:10 < MrBawb> and they arn't sure about having a berkeleydb database storage
15:10 < mmcgrath> 1.7?  Do they have a timeframe for when that will be out or are we thinking 2009?
15:10 < MrBawb> I have the textfile version that was done by abadger, so I'm hoping that would meet with their approval
15:10  * paulobanon_ thinks 2k9
15:11 < MrBawb> yeah, I don't know their timeframe for 1.7
15:11 < mmcgrath> abadger1999: what patches are applied to our current instance?  mdomsch's and the acl patch?
15:11 < abadger1999> mmcgrath: Yes, I believe that's all
15:11 < abadger1999> The stuff MrBawb is now working on hasn't been applied yet.
15:11 < mmcgrath> MrBawb: did they say why 1.6 wouldn't be considered?
15:11 < abadger1999> We wanted to make sure upstream would accept it eventually first.
15:12 < MrBawb> mmcgrath: hmm. all I have here in my notes is "you could do a patch for 1.7"
15:13 < mmcgrath> well, if thats what upstream wants that what they'll have to get I guess.
15:13  * mmcgrath wonders how painful the development version of Moin is.
15:13 < MrBawb> yeah, I need to install it and test it out
15:14 < paulobanon_> is it viable to at least maintain those patches on our fork ?
15:14 < mmcgrath> paulobanon_: possibly, I'd like to upgrade to 1.6 soon.
15:14 < MrBawb> paulobanon_: I think so
15:14 < mmcgrath> I guess if we're going to stay close to upstream we should at lesat upgrade and see how it goes.
15:14 < paulobanon_> mmcgrath: hence the question :)
15:14 < mmcgrath> yeah
15:15 < mmcgrath> Well is anyone against a moin 1.6 upgrade?
15:15 < abadger1999> No objections here
15:15 < paulobanon_> when do we have the first F9 coming out ?
15:15 < mmcgrath> the alpha is coming out in the middle of the month.  Pretty soon.
15:15 < paulobanon_> so i would say right after it we would upgrade and release FAS2 ?
15:15 < mmcgrath> ahh the freeze is the 15th the release is the 24th.
15:16 < mmcgrath> I'm not quite sure that FAS2 is ready yet but we'll be working... hard core.. on it during the hackfest tomorrow.
15:16 < yingbull>  /agree on the moin upgrade, probably better to do it in closer jumps to what's running than take a big step to a fancy new release when its out.
15:16 < mmcgrath> What if we planned on doing the FAS upgrade sometime early next week? The 15th.
15:17 < mmcgrath> I or paulobanon_ can get a test instance up with our live data and see how it goes.
15:17 < paulobanon_> mmcgrath: FAS or moin ?
15:17 < mmcgrath> errr moin.
15:17 < mmcgrath> sorry
15:17 < paulobanon_> :D
15:18  * mmcgrath creates a ticket.
15:18 < mmcgrath> tentative for the 15th.
15:18 < paulobanon_> i wont be able next week
15:18 < paulobanon_> unless my DR tests work perfectly in sweden
15:18 < paulobanon_> im flying Sunday and com back friday
15:18 < paulobanon_> *come
15:18 < mmcgrath> paulobanon_: thats ok.
15:19 < paulobanon_> the week afterwards will be fine (relatively fine at least (: )
15:19 < mmcgrath> .whoowns moin
15:19 < zodbot> mmcgrath: moin is owned by thias
15:19 < mmcgrath> .fas thias
15:20 < zodbot> mmcgrath: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
15:20 < mmcgrath> slooow connection
15:20 < mmcgrath> ok
15:20 < mmcgrath> .ticket 337
15:20 < zodbot> mmcgrath: #337 (Moin 1.6 upgrade) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac -
15:20 < mmcgrath> created.
15:20 < mmcgrath> we'll have to see how that goes.
15:21 < paulobanon_> mmcgrath: you thinking in installing a vanilla moin as usual or to yum update it ?!
15:21 < mmcgrath> So thats probably all we can talk about for Moin for now.
15:21 < mmcgrath> well we actually have an rpm version of Moin up and running, I'd like to continue that.
15:21 -!- mbonnet is now known as mbonnet_
15:22 < paulobanon_> then we can just backup the data update it and restore it ?
15:22 < mmcgrath> <nod>
15:22 < mmcgrath> I'm going to do a test upgrade first.
15:22 < mmcgrath> Hopefully I can get that done tonight / tomorrow.
15:22 < mmcgrath> One thing I did want everyone to know about is some of the work J5 has been working on.
15:23 < paulobanon_> send an email with results to the list or at least where you are playing, so that i can take a look afterwards
15:23 < mmcgrath> J5: Would you mind talking just a bit about whats goin gon?
15:23 < mmcgrath> paulobanon_: sure thing.
15:23 < paulobanon_> thanks!
15:24 < J5> sounds good, basically I am working on making Fedora developers more efficient mainly when working with our tools and processes
15:24 < paulobanon_> J5: difficult task i suppose :)
15:24  * paulobanon_ hides
15:24 < J5> the first initiative which I will be talking about at FUDCon is to unify the Fedora infrastructure
15:25  * ricky appears.
15:25 < J5> We've been working on ways of bringing  Bohdi, Bugzilla, Koji and other bits under one web site
15:25 < mmcgrath> ricky: word up
15:26 < J5> and also enable cross pollination between the tools such as being able to click on build and make it a release
15:27 < J5> eventually I want to automate a lot of the process so it becomes dead simple to import a package, push updates for that package, track upstream and generally manage the quality of the packages in Fedora
15:27 < jcollie> kobohdizilla!!!!
15:28 < J5> also perhaps get buying from upstream so our tools talk to each other
15:28 < paulobanon_> jcollie: lol :)
15:28 < mmcgrath> Thos of you coming to hackfes please do stop by and take a look.
15:28 < J5> this ultimately could be expanded to all of our processes from getting a fedora account to hosting a project
15:29 < J5> translations, etc
15:29 < paulobanon_> J5, mmcgrath: if this goes forward, i think Fedora will be much more easy to get new developers and packagers.
15:29 < J5> that is the idea, also to make sure existing developers aren't waisting time on process
15:30 < mmcgrath> no doubt.
15:30 < mmcgrath> J5: thanks for that.
15:30 < paulobanon_> i talk by myself, that whenever i try to start packaging, after 3hours reading, i just give up
15:30 < mmcgrath> Its really the first time we've talked about it on IRC.  It will be good to get peoples eyes on it once it comes up.
15:31 < paulobanon_> ++1 on that for sure!!
15:31 < mmcgrath> alrighty
15:31 < mmcgrath> well does anyone have anything else they would like to discuss?
15:31 < paulobanon_> hows the german server and the blade center ?
15:32 < mmcgrath> no word on the blade center though I have a meeting the the manager of the people who have yet to install it tomorrow (I'll be missing a chunk of hackfest for it)
15:32 < mmcgrath> the german server is in and installed, I've logged in but I'm still waiting on some additional IP addresses.
15:32 < mmcgrath> its an 8 core 34G box.
15:32 < mmcgrath> should do VERY nicely for many things.
15:33 < ricky> Any word on xen1, or is it a bit too soon?
15:33 -!- loupgaroublond [n=yankee at] has quit "Leaving."
15:33 < mmcgrath> ricky: still a bit too soon though right now we're just running proxy4 off of it.
15:33 < jcollie> do we have a good way for people to upload fudcon videos to a central place?
15:33 < ricky> Ah, OK.
15:33 < jcollie> plus a way to convert the videos from DV/whatever to ogg/vorbis/theora?
15:34 < paulobanon_> until the new storage is installed, do we even have storage for it ?
15:34 < mmcgrath> jcollie: thats a good question, you should keep your eyes open in the #fudcon channel for some interesting developments involving just that :-P
15:35 < paulobanon_> mmcgrath: how about the decentralization of services out of PHX (in time of F9)
15:35 < jcollie> is #fudcon where all the fun is happening?
15:35 < mmcgrath> yep, go ahead and log in, some people are already there.
15:35 < mmcgrath> paulobanon_: I think that will be very close to complete.  There may be some short term things that might put that on hold but have a much better payoff.
15:35 < mmcgrath> like trying to consolidate and get an actual Fedora Infrastructure budget by quarter.
15:35 < mmcgrath> for example :)
15:36 < paulobanon_> nice :)
15:36 < ricky> Nice.
15:36 < jima> so IOW, we'll kill multiple sites instead of one come F9? :)
15:36 < mmcgrath> heh.
15:37 < mmcgrath> so thats exciting to me at least because we'll be able to plan ahead for stuff.
15:37 < mmcgrath> alrighty, anyone have anything else?
15:37  * jcollie wishes that RH had a fund to bring people like me that work for unenlightened employers to fudcon
15:37 < paulobanon_> is everyone still feeling that the infrastructure team is doing a good job ?
15:37 < mmcgrath> heheheh
15:37 < paulobanon_> i know i do :D
15:37 < mmcgrath> jcollie: maybe next year :)
15:37 < mmcgrath> paulobanon_: I often wonder that very question.
15:37 < jcollie> maybe next year it'll be in des moines
15:38 < jima> jcollie: hah, funny.
15:38 < paulobanon_> FUDCon should come to europe for a change
15:38 < jcollie> i've been trying to find a local curling club for spoleeba
15:38 < yingbull> jcollie: I've only just enlightened my employer onto supporting me doing work with fedora infrastructure, I'm taking it one step at a time with how much enlightenment I ask of them....
15:38 < jcollie> then i'll have two people that want it in des moines
15:38 < mmcgrath> heheh
15:38 < mmcgrath> Alrighty, anyone have anything else to discuss?
15:39 < jcollie> yingbull: the only reason i get to run linux is because i don't ask permission, only forgiveness :)
15:39 < paulobanon_> i know that im the official person to be flamed if Fedora/RHEL/CentOS doesnt work properly with some stuff in my company :)
15:39 < yingbull> jcollie: :-) really most of my work is after hours only than this meeting.
15:39 < yingbull> *other.
15:40 < mmcgrath> :)
15:40 < jima> mmcgrath: i never do. :)
15:40 < mmcgrath> yingbull: I'm glad you talked to your employeer I've found that not everyone does (they should, they might be surprised at how many "yes, contribute!"s they get)
15:40 < mmcgrath> Alrighty, if there's nothing else I'm going to close th emeeting in 30.
15:40 < jima> my employer knows i contribute.
15:41 < paulobanon_> jima: thats also why im flamed... they think that i need to fix/support everything hehe
15:41 < mmcgrath> 15
15:41 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Meeting Closed.
15:41 < mmcgrath> Thanks guys!  Hope to see you all at fudcon or in #fudcon
15:41 < ricky> See you tomorrow!
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