Stefan Schlesinger sts at
Tue Apr 14 11:59:29 UTC 2009

	Hello Folks!

I'm writing you to let you know about my interest to join the FIG.

My name ist Stefan, I'm 23 Years old, living in Austria/Vienna and  
working as a
systems engineer at an Austrian ISP Company (we do a lot of sponsoring  
for F/OSS
projects as well ;-). We  mostly use Debian/Linux for our business,  
but I used
RedHat/Fedora before. ;-)

Currently I have about 6 years of experiance as a system  
administrator. I'm pretty
familiar with all sorts of sysop tasks (networking, virtualization,  
scripting in
perl/python/bash, ticketing systems, infrastructure automation eg.
puppet/cfengine, ldap, web technoligies, mail, dns, databases,  
technical documentation, etc).

I couldn't decide on which FIG group to choose yet, but eventually  
fedora-web or
fedora-noc would be suitable...

Feel free to contact me, I'm on IRC (freenode/#fedora-admin/sts) as  

with best regards,


Stefan Schlesinger \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 
\\ \\\\\\\
sts at                                                              

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