RFR: A test box for running an LDAP server for SSSD test day

Jakub Hrozek jhrozek at redhat.com
Tue Apr 14 13:22:06 UTC 2009

== Primary Contact ==
Name: Jakub Hrozek
Fedora Account Name: jhrozek
Group: Fedora Packager CVS Commit Group

'''Infrastructure Sponsor''':

== Secondary Contact info ==
Name: Simo Sorce
Fedora Account Name: simo
Group: Fedora Packager CVS Commit Group

== Project Info ==
Project Name: A test box running an LDAP server for SSSD test day
Target Audience: SSSD Test Day participants
Expiration/Delivery Date (required): 2009-04-30 (this is the Test day

A test box running an LDAP server for SSSD test day.

Project plan (Detailed):
A Fedora Directory Server, or a FreeIPA instance, is needed to perform
full testing of SSSD (there is a draft How to test on the Feature Page,
I'll rework that into a better test plan this week). I'm not sure if we
can ask the test day participants to go through the process of
configuring their own instance and even if they had one on their local
machine, it wouldn't allow them to test the online caching feature of
SSSD properly.

There are several options, the best of them is to have an LDAP server
with test data available for the community to test on.

Therefore, I'd like to ask the Fedora Infrastructure team to provide us
with a temporary test box where we could install and configure FDS. The
box would be needed until the test day (2009-04-30), can be removed

I understand that getting a root access for the box might not be
possible - I can provide an install script and an LDIF file that would
bootstrap the FDS instance in that case. However, getting a sudo for
controlling the FDS instance (ldapmodify, restart the service, view the
logs) would be very nice.

Provide the test day participants with an easy test environment.

== Specific resources needed == 

== Additional Info (Optional) == 
As per the time *before* the test day, it would be handy if we had the
test instance for 1-2 weeks prior to the test day.

I hope all the necessary information is included either here or in the
ticket itself. I'll be happy to answer questions about this RFR.

Thank you for the consideration,
Jakub Hrozek

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