"Drawers" in Gnome on FC1

WipeOut wipe_out at onetel.com
Sun Nov 9 10:50:16 UTC 2003


Not sure if its me or if its a bug..

I upgraded my Laptop last night from RH9 to FC1.. all went OK except 
OpenOffice was not happy so I removed it and reinstalled it and it now 
seems fine..

On my panel I use a "Drawer" to hold buttons to the OpenOffice apps that 
I often use instead of having them all displayed taking up space..

After the upgrade my old "Drawer" didn't work so I deleted it and 
created a new one.. then I added the buttons for the applications I 
wanted in there.. It worked great..

Then I reboted the PC and tried to use the buttons.. they again don't 
work.. they are just images in the "Drawer" now and no longer able to be 
clicked to open an app.. this behaviour repetable.. anyone else having 
this problem?


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