yarrow-i386-disk3.iso on limestone.uoregon.edu is bad

dwight at supercomputer.org dwight at supercomputer.org
Mon Nov 10 00:35:44 UTC 2003

I ran into this yesterday as well, and can confirm it. It looks like
27 bytes in the bad image are different.
I've sent email which should get to at least one of the admins
associated with the limestone site. Hopefully this will be corrected soon.

> From Matt Wette <matt.wette at earthlink.net>
> Date: 09 Nov 2003 14:51:42 -0800
> I downloaded yarrow-i386-disk3.iso from
> ftp://limestone.uoregon.edu/fedora, which is listed at
> http://fedora.redhat.com as a mirror site.  The MD5 sum on this file did
> not match the one listed at fedora.redhat.com.  I downloaded twice, just
> to make sure.  I also tried another mirror site and the MD5sum
> checked out.

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