Freeze up after install when going into "First Boot"

Goofball Jones rathma62 at
Mon Nov 10 20:21:01 UTC 2003

I have to install Fedora Core 1 in text mode, but
after I install everything and reboot, it freezes up
my computer when it goes into "first boot".

I've made it into the Licence agreement...sometimes.
But it seems after booting, it locks up about 15
seconds into the session. I never make it to setting
up my user accounts etc etc.

I rebooted using "linux rescue" and went to the
/var/log/messages and the last line of the boot was

Window manager warning:
Failed to open connection to a session manager, so
window positions will not be saved: SESSION_MANAGER
environment variable not defined.

I can never get past this. and it totally freezes my
computer, have to physically unplug the thing to get
it to just reboot! 

I'm on a P4 2.4 Ghz
120 gig hard drive
dual boot
Soundblaster Audigy
ATI 9800 pro (could this be the problem)

It DOES start the boot in graphic mode...and the mouse
moves...but when it gets to the point of "first boot"
it freezes.

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