Init scripts not showing stuff

Ted Kaczmarek tedkaz at
Tue Nov 11 03:02:29 UTC 2003

Read the release notes, it shows the file to edit to kill the gui login

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 21:22, Jesse Keating wrote:
> So, at our company, part of the installation/kickstart is to prompt the 
> installer for the serial number of a system, and for some timezone 
> information.  With RHL, we've done this prompting in rc.local, which 
> would wait indefinitely until the installer inputted the information.  
> Once inputted, then the login screen, be it text or gui, would present 
> itself.
> However, with FC1 I am not seeing this happen.  First off, RHGB would 
> sortof show for a quick second the prompt for information, but would 
> then exit immediately and show the gui login screen.  The status of the 
> script is very unknown.  So I thought I would script around rhgb, and 
> disable it for the first boot, by putting a # before the "rhgb" in 
> grub.conf.  Well, when ever I do this, I get the text console output up 
> until enabling firewire (OHCI).  From that point on, there is no more 
> output to the screen, but I can see the harddisk keep going.  
> Eventually the login screen would present itself.  This duplicates with 
> run level 5, and 3.  Again, I am unable to even SEE my script run, let 
> alone get user input into it.
> What has changed so that rc.local is no longer a blocker, and can keep 
> the system from continuing when input is needed?  This seems _very_ 
> broken to me, and I'd really like to find a way to fix this.  Is this a 
> bugable item?
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