redhat-config-network bug

Karlan Kayne karlankayne at
Thu Nov 13 03:38:42 UTC 2003

Just wondering if any of you non-developers know about this?...
Notes from Karlan:
This happens when ever I try to activate my eth0 device(SiS 900-Based PCI 
Fast Ethernet Adapter), then press cancel after given this error:
|     Determining IP information for eth0...
|	SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy
|	SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy
(Any help with this problem would be great, I can't get on the internet 
because it says this
device is [always] busy. I used to be able to connect in RH9, but now RH9 
install doesn't recognize it, mandrakes does(but can't use because of the 
same problem),

NOTE: Device works just fine in Windows, so it is not a hardware failure(I 

Component: redhat-config-network
Version: 1.3.10
Summary: TB3fbf821d [Errno 1] 
Operation not permitted
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/redhat-control-network", line 184, in 
    (ret, msg) = dev.activate()
line 385, in activate
    dialog = dialog)
line 512, in generic_run_dialog
    dialog = dialog)
line 524, in gui_run_dialog
OSError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted

Local variables in innermost frame:
fdin: []
swindow: <gtk.ScrolledWindow object (GtkScrolledWindow) at 0x9490ab4>
string: <module 'string' from '/usr/lib/python2.2/string.pyc'>
okbutton: <gtk.Button object (GtkButton) at 0x94d2984>
buffer: <gtk.TextBuffer object (GtkTextBuffer) at 0x94cd524>
cancelbutton: <gtk.Button object (GtkButton) at 0x94c13b4>
command: /sbin/ifup
argv: ['/sbin/ifup', 'eth0', 'up']
searchPath: 0
CancelException: netconfpkg.gui.GUI_functions.CancelException
root: /
label: Activating network device eth0, please wait...
lbl: <gtk.Label object (GtkLabel) at 0x9490a8c>
select: <module 'select' from 
stdin: 0
xml: < object (GladeXML) at 0x949ed0c>
catchfd: (1, 2)
fderr: []
dlg: <gtk.Dialog object (GtkDialog) at 0x942d6ec>
errlabel: Cannot activate network device eth0!

fdout: []
vadj: <gtk.Adjustment object (GtkAdjustment) at 0x9394604>
gtk: <module 'gtk' from 
iter: <GtkTextIter at 0x94cdb78>
mark: <gtk.TextMark object (GtkTextMark) at 0x94d2cbc>
write: 4
read: 3
s: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy

childpid: 24657
closefd: -1
dialog: None
Determining IP information for eth0...SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy

title: redhat-config-network:

Network device activating...
os: <module 'os' from '/usr/lib/python2.2/os.pyc'>
textview: <gtk.TextView object (GtkTextView) at 0x94d1e5c>

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