what does minimal install give me?

Globe Trotter itsme_410 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 13 07:04:57 UTC 2003

Sorry, I meant to ask if there was any documentation on what the minimal
install in FC1 would give me? Not normal, but the minimal install selection
under the custom build option while building....


--- "Rodolfo J. Paiz" <rpaiz at simpaticus.com> wrote:
> At 00:14 11/13/2003, you wrote:
> >just wondering what the minimal install gives me? is there a documentation
> on
> >all the packages?
> The fedora-minimal install will not necessarily include documentation on 
> all the packages.
> However, if by "minimal" you mean using the normal install, and unselecting 
> (or deselecting, if you prefer that word) all package groups such that you 
> get the smallest stock install, then yes... in that case you will get 
> documentation for every package.
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