3 little tweaks: advice please

shrek-m at gmx.de shrek-m at gmx.de
Sat Nov 15 16:49:55 UTC 2003

brian connolly wrote:

>Sorry.  I am quite new to Fedora and Gnome.
>1. "Use gconf-editor and make nautilus to not draw the desktop and that's
>it."  Can you explain (sorry).  Will it still apply the desktop background?

you search perhaps something like
start-here / preferences/ themes
right-click on the desktop, right click on the icon, ...

>2. I just want to rearrange the listing in the start menu (without breaking

gnome - in redhat/fedora it is disabled per default
kde - it is enabled, try it

>3. My setup of Fedora does not see the DOS partition.  It's NTFS is that
>makes a difference.

yes redhat/fedora doesn´t support ntfs per default.



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