kscd freedb support is broken

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at web.de
Sun Nov 16 16:55:58 UTC 2003

Hi there!

Kscd's freedb support is broken, it can't get song information from the

#CDTEXT INFO: try to read, how long CDTEXT is?
#CDTEXT INFO: CDTEXT is a 7 byte(s) long
#CDTEXT INFO: try to read CDTEXT
#CDTEXT ERROR: READ_TOC(0x43) with format code 0x05 not implemented or 
 broken. ret = -1!

This seems to bee normal, no internet lookup is done. When I chose to do

#CDTEXT INFO:free_cdtext_info() called proto = 0, proxy=false

CRASH! Restarting kscd it has lost the setting to automatically look up
the net. Nevertheless it has fetched information for the cd before it
crashed and saved it to local database, from where it reads it next
start. Every unknown cd or every internet lookup = Crash.

I think this is a general kscd issue, for it happens in debian, too.

Is there anybody, who has no difficulty and no crashes with kscd?


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