Mentor/User Responsibility : Was > Re: OT: reply to posts with "no mail" option set

Peter Eddy petere at
Tue Nov 18 20:20:51 UTC 2003

Edward Croft wrote:

> Sorry, I just have to respond to this separately. I am of the opinion
> that those who serve as mentor's to others, also have the responsibility
> to point out the caveats to the ones they are answering questions for.
> As I stated in my prior message, I have experienced what happens when a
> young hotshot who thinks they are wise to the ways of the world goes off
> half-cocked. In that case, it caused a whole section of the customers

I think you've already made your opinions clear. Next time, why not post 
a friendly followup to state them instead of attacking someone who was 
simply answering a question. A simple, "you may want to check with your 
IT department first" would have done it.


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