Fedora, Debian or Gentoo

Scott Ware scott at eardown.com
Tue Nov 18 22:36:17 UTC 2003

Personally, I love using Fedora...and plan to stay with it for a long
time. I really have not noticed that many "huge" differences between 9
and Fedora. Some of the obvious are the looks (better), and I think that
stability is just as good as 9 if not better.

Plus...If you're like me...I usually try the "latest and greatest"
anyway, and since Fedora has such a short release cycle (4-6 months I
think), it's perfect for those who like to stay up2date with the latest!

I would check it out!

On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 17:21, Francisco Roldan wrote:
> Hi everydoby, 
> I have been Redhat Linux fan since version 6.
> When i read the news about Red Hat is not going
> to release another version (i.e. Red Hat 9.1 or 10),
> I felt dissapointed at first, but then I realize that
> this is the only way of this company to survive. 
> I am evaluating moving from Red Hat 9 to other distributions,
> and almost all my linux-friends advice me to choose 
> Debian or Gentoo (Of course, they have only used these distributions).  
> But if the differences between Fedora and Redhat 9 are minimal,
> I would choose Fedora ... 
> So , I ask you , which are the major differences between Redhat 9 and Fedora
> distribution Project?
> And the advantages/disadvantages between Fedora vrs. Debian or Gentoo ?
> Thanks in advance
> regads
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