Mail server problems

Chuck Mead csm at
Mon Nov 24 00:15:41 UTC 2003

Michael Sullivan wrote:

>I'm having a problem accessing the pop3 port on my server.  The server
>on a computer named bullet at .  The computer I am trying
>to  access bullet from is named baby and my user account is michael. 
>I've tried telnetting from baby to bullet on port 110 from baby, but it
>says Connection refused.  Yet if I ssh over to bullet and telnet from
>there, I can get port 110 no problem.  I used
>redhat-config-securitylevel to make sure that bullet accepted telnet
>requests, and it does.  I've included the screen dump of my efforts
>below.  What am I doing wrong???
>-Michael Sullivan-
Try turning off the firewall on your pop server and see if that helps.

service iptables stop

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