Problem with adding packages from CD?

Bryan Anderson fedora at
Sun Nov 23 20:34:51 UTC 2003

I don't know if I've something wrong here, but bear with me as I write 
down what happens when I want to add a package that I didn't install at 
the outset:

(a) in the main menu, select System Settings | Add/Remove Appolications

(b) the system checks what I have and gives me a list of things to tick 
and untick, etc. No problem.

(c) I tick xpdf to install that - nothing else.

(d) I click Update and the system tells me how many packages are queued 
for installation. Up to now, no problem.

(e) I click continue and the system gives me a message saying disk 2 is 

(f) I put in disk 2, click OK and get an error message and it closes. I
get a window pop up with the contents of CD2 in....something I hated in
WinXP and wish I knew how to turn off.

(g) So - I put in disk 1 and (luckily I can't turn off the autostart) I
get a pop-up window asking confirming that I can Add or Remove Packages.

(h) I click forward and select my packages.

(i) I have to put in CD2.

(j) CD2 opens in Konqueror

(k) It installs at last.

So - two things here....(1) Anyone else having problems with Adding or 
Removing Packages from the menu item? I don't mind always putting CD1 in 
and running from there, and I guess I'll stop adding/removing soon.

(2) This was a simple example....I tried earlier to install about 30odd 
packages - things I left out for speed on the original install. I must
have swapped CD1 for CD2 and back again about fifteen times before I 
gave up and decided to do them individually.

Any comments?

Bryan Anderson <fedora at>

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