RSYNC Fedora

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at
Wed Nov 26 01:47:09 UTC 2003

Scott Burns  said:
> Dan Goodes wrote:
>>Just to clarify here, we (PlanetMirror) lost a number of disks in a raid
>>array, and are working on restoring service. As you noted, this means
>> that
>>RH and Fedora are missing, among others (albeit temporarily, but I don't
>>have an ETA at this stage).
> Still offtopic, but I read the informix newsgroup, and there is a
> resident who posts regularly on the evils of RAID5 - mainly that no
> matter how many disks you have, if two disks die, the second before the
> recovery of the first is complete, you lose everything.  I'm just
> curious to see if you used RAID5?

Of course if both disks of a mirror set die you lose everything, too.

William Hooper

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