RSYNC Fedora (Moving onto RAID...)

Scott Burns scott at
Wed Nov 26 02:09:05 UTC 2003

William Hooper wrote:

>Of course if both disks of a mirror set die you lose everything, too.

The guy was recommending RAID10 ( a bunch of RAID1 pairs then add them 
all together as RAID0 ).  

After reading it I worked out a number comparing a RAID5 with 5 disks 
against RAID10 with 4 stripped sets of 3 disks (12 in total ).  If you 
lose 2/5 RAID5 disks you are all lost.  If you lose 5/12 RAID10s you 
still have over a 95% chance of no data lost.  I believe recovery time 
on RAID10 puts RAID5 to shame too.  His entire rant can be found at

( search comp.databases.informix for quarterly raid 5 rant)

I've only experimented with RAID myself so most of my curiosity is about 
what people who have suffered a catastrophic data loss chose, and if 
they intend to do anything different in future...

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